JavaScript Obfuscator Tool

With the help of JavaScript Obfuscator tool online, your original JavaScript source code can be changed into a new version that is more difficult to comprehend, copy, reuse, and edit without permission. The functionality of the original code will be preserved in the obfuscated code. Obfuscation refers to the process of concealing something important, valuable, or critical.

How does the JavaScript obfuscation work?

Your source code is changed by a series of transformations, such as renaming variables, functions, and arguments, removing strings, and others, but it still functions as it did before.

JavaScript Obfuscator
JavaScript Obfuscator Tool Online

Why Should I Obfuscate my JavaScript code

Protecting your code is a good idea for a number of reasons, including:

  • Stop others from just copying and pasting your work. This is especially crucial for applications that are entirely client-side, such HTML5 games
  • Delete any unnecessary comments and whitespace. making things more difficult to understand and faster to load
  • Protecting work that hasn’t been compensated yet. Knowing that the client won’t have access to the source code until the bill has been paid allows you to present your work to them.

Does Doozy Tools’ JavaScript Obfuscator store my code?

No. Our JavaScript Obfuscator process your code on your browser only and it is not sending code to our server for JavaScript obfuscation work.

Why am I getting warning while Saving Javascript file?

You might get warning “This type of file can harm your computer…” and this is a common message, and it appears if you download or save an unverified file specially in Chrome browser but you can ignore it.

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Thanks to open-source project JavaScript-Obfuscator which has helped us to make JavaScript Obfuscation online tool.

Some General FAQ About JavaScript Obfuscator

Is obfuscated JavaScript slower?

It slows down the initialization of the function, without a doubt. The effect on the script is minimal once that array has been initialised.

Can I De-obfuscate my Obfuscated Code?

No, you cannot convert the obfuscated code back to your original code; thus, keep the original JavaScript code in a safe place. This is the whole purpose of JavaScript obfuscation where even you can not revert JavaScript obfuscation.

Why is my obfuscated JavaScript code size more than my original JavaScript source size?

Due to the fact that the obfuscator adds extra code sections that are meant to prevent reverse engineering and debugging. Additionally, strings are converted to xAB hexadecimal code to make things a little bit trickier to understand. Your webserver will be able to compress the obfuscated code extremely efficiently because there is a lot of repetition, so you don’t need to worry too much about code size.