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This adult men and women BMR Calculator can calculate Basal Metabolic Rate by just body weight and height.

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Online BMR tests with formulas are not the most accurate way of determining BMR. It is better to consult a certified specialist or measure BMR through a calorimetry devices which are available in many health and fitness clubs, doctor offices, and weight-loss clinics.

What is BMR?

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is a measure of the body’s resting energy expenditure, representing the minimum amount of energy required to sustain the body’s vital functions, including the heart, lungs and temperature regulation. It is also know as Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR).

Difference between BMR and RMR?

Although the terms BMR and RMR are sometimes used interchangeably, they are measured under different conditions and have slightly different interpretations. The BMR is the minimum energy required for essential physiological function, while RMR is the minimum energy required for normal daily activity, and is slightly higher. As they are practically the same thing, we will use the term BMR on this website.

Why should I know my BMR?

Knowing BMR is important if you want to maintain weight, lose weight, or even gain weight. Knowing BMR can help with determining how much a person should be eating in order to meet weight goals.

How are we calculating BMR?

We have provided two different methods/formulas to calculate BMR here as listed below. Age should be between 15 years to 80 years.

Revised Harris-Benedict BMR Equation:

BMR Formula For Men:
BMR = 13.397 x W + 4.799 x H - 5.677 x Age + 88.362

BMR Formula For Women:
BMR = 9.247 x W + 3.098 x H - 4.330 x Age + 447.593

Mifflin-St Jeor BMR Equation:

BMR Formula For Men:
BMR = 10 x W + 6.25 x H - 5 x Age + 5

BMR Formula For Women:
BMR = 10 x W + 6.25 x H - 5 x Age - 161