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Easily split pdf pages into multiple files without uploading files to server using this PDF Split Online tool. 100% secure way to split PDF files on your device without any installation. Adding PDFs won’t upload it and It will process on your device securely.

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Split PDF document to extract all PDF pages to multiple PDF files on your device via browser without installing any application. It is also known as PDF Cutter Online. You can even select multiple files to separate PDF pages all at once for all selected documents. You will get a zip file with all extracted PDF file pages as separate file and you can save that zip file using Save Split PDFs button at bottom of selected PDF file table below.

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PDF Split

PDF Split – Frequently Asked Questions

What is PDF Split ?

Split one or more PDF files to extract all PDF pages as separate PDF files. All extracted pages will be zipped as single file and pages of each selected PDF files will be inside a folder in zip file.

Will my file be uploaded to server or cloud?

No, This PDF Split functionality is using client side script to perform all operations in your browser to keep your private data completely safe with you. Selected PDF files will not be uploaded to our or any other servers.

Does it add watermark to file?

No. It is completely free tool without adding any watermark. No string attached. 🙂

PDF Split Online Also Known As

  • PDF Cutter
  • PDF Separator
  • PDF Unmerge
  • PDF Breaker
  • PDF Divider
  • PDF Demerger

How are we different from iLovePDF or Sejda PDF Split?

These online tools are uploading your files to their servers but our PDF Tools performs all operations in your browser to keep your private data completely safe with you.

Which type of devices are supported via this Split PDF or PDF Separator tool?

DoozyTools’ Split PDF tool is an online browser based PDF tool hence you can unmerge PDF pages in Mac, Windows, Android, Linux or any other operating system based devices where Chrome, Mozilla, Edge or other browsers are supported. JavaScript must be enabled in browser while working with our PDF Cutter tool.

If you are looking for merging multiple PDF Files as single PDF file, you can try our PDF Merge Online tool.

Credit goes to PDF-Lib for providing JavaScript Framework to work with PDF files at client side in browser which helped us to develop this advanced PDF Tool without worrying of data security and privacy as our users do not require to upload their PDF file to any server.