How to Store More Pictures in Google Photos within 15GB Limit (30% More) ?

There are ways to store more pictures in google photos within 15 GB limit and here you can use this easiest way to store 30% more pictures.

You are landed here means you must be using Google Photos since many years and you must have passed journey from unlimited Google storage to limiting 15 GB. People are using different tricks like creating multiple Google account and managing photos with those accounts. But, that way is difficult as managing multiple Google accounts involve other complication like managing passwords and making device more busy with syncing all those accounts.

Google Photos
Trick to Store more Pictures in Google Photos

Nowadays most pictures taken by mobile cameras are minimum 3mb to 4mb or even more and when we are uploading photos with Storage Saver (High Quality) option in Google Photos, it is compressing photos and photos larger than 16MP are resized to 16MP. Still our photos occupy size from 500kb to 1.5mb on an average after compression. Let’s say each photo has 1MB file size on an average and by that we can save 15,340 photos on Google Photos as per limit of 15GB (This is an just example, don’t go hard with number).

So, How can we further increase storage capacity to save more pictures without buying paid plans? Of course, paid plan is one of the option but we are not talking about it. Here we are talking about compressing our photos further with the latest technology by changing file type. Yes, further compression is possible and solution is also developed by Google with new type of image format known as WebP. This WebP file format is developed with combining features of JPG, PNG and GIF file type along with lesser file size compare to those.

We have been using JPG/JPEG file format since many years for most of the pictures where transparent background is not needed as it saves picture with lowest file size among all other formats. But now new player is landed in market and promoted by Google, WebP, which saves image file lower than JPG if you change little bit quality settings. Recent WebP Compression Study says that average WebP file size is 25%-34% smaller compared to JPEG file size. Let’s say if we can reduce image size further 30%, we can save 30% more photos in Google Photos i.e. 4602 more (30% of 15,340) and total 19,942 which is our magic number.

JPEG to WebP
Convert JPEG to WebP Format To Store More Pictures in Google Photos

Which is Faster, Secure and Free Way to Convert JPG to WebP along with Compression to reduce file size?

Let’s take one by one.

  • Faster – If we have to upload thousands of photos somewhere on cloud, it is going to take time to upload and consume lot of resources.
  • Secure – If we need to upload our private photos somewhere, we can’t be sure if those won’t be leaked.
  • Free – No one will process such large number of photos on their server free of cost.

Hey Wait, Don’t Worry, There is an option which meet all above three requirements that is even without installing application.

We are talking about Image Compression online tool by Doozy Tools. You must be thinking, what is so special about this tool? There are many image compression online tools available for the same. But, there is very big difference between those tools and Doozy Tools Image Compression. Other tools are server-side tools and Doozy Tool is providing same features with client-side tools.

“Don’t be too techy, explain me in a better way” Okay…Okay… Let me try again.

Compress Image
Compress Image To Store More Pictures in Google Photos

Server-side tools upload your images to remote computer anywhere in the world and process those images there and return compressed images to your browser after processing. So, definitely using server-side tools is not Faster and not even Secure way to compress our personal photos. Those are not Free for bulk processing as they have to spend on resources to process. For example, iLoveImg,ImageCompressor,CloudConvert and many more.

Client-side image compressor or image converter tools (like Doozy Tools ) are Faster and Secure because you don’t require to upload your images as those are compressed or converted on your machine and web browser only and save back compressed photos to your desired location after processing. It is even completely Free as Doozy Tools is not using their server resources to compress your thousand of images so they don’t charge you for that.

How to do Image Compression with best quality to reduce image size?

Doozy Tools has multiple compression tools and your can try any one of them which can help you to store more pictures in google photos.

While using any of these tools, keep quality setting to default “80%” and resolution as “Keep Original”. You will get best result out of it. You can decrease resolution to 90% or 80% if you don’t need large picture in future and it is reduce size even more. Once processing is completed, you can click Save button to save zip file with converted and compressed images which can be uploaded to Google Photos with reduced size.

Best feature of these image tools is that you can see decreased size of each image and overall total images size changes in percentage along with MB and KB.

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