What is WebP File Format? – It’s Urgent to Migrate to WebP Image Format on Priority?

In simple one line statement, we can say that WebP file format is the combination of features from PNG, JPG and GIF file format, and it is new gen image file format for Internet. Still you need to know more about WebP and make sure to read till end.

History of WebP Image Format

The WebP format is particularly new, original idea created by On2 Technology in 2010 and which is acquired by Google. Every WebP files has image data of VP8 or VP8L and that has been evolved over the time by Google by adding Animation and Transparency features in 2011. After initial struggle, it has been adopted by many other browsers and applications.

So now it is no more Google only product. So, at this stage we can say that WebP is having features of GIF, PNG and JPG image formats, and it is a very good replacement of those formats. WebP Full-Form is Web Picture. WebP is an open-source file format so you, me or anyone can suggest improvements to the community.

WebP Image Format
WebP Image File Format

Why should I migrate to WebP File Format?

File size of WebP image format is the main reason to migrate existing images to WebP or adopting WebP Images for all new images for your portal or blog. A study suggests that a normal JPG file size can be reduced to 25% to 35% by converting JPG to WebP by adjusting quality of image without noticeable loss.

So You can imagine that JPG is already compressed format compare to PNG and what type of results you can get by Converting PNG to WebP. This will improve your web page load time and increase page speed significantly. It will also occupy less space on server compare to PNG to JPG. So, it is one of the positive point for your Web portal SEO.

How to Convert Our Current PNG, JPG to WebP File Format?

There are many tools available online, but I would suggest following WebP Converters from Doozy Tools. Strong reason for my recommendation is that this won’t upload your personal files to server for WebP Conversion.

JPEG to WebP
JPG To WebP Converter
Convert PNG to WebP
Convert PNG to WebP

It’s well worth searching at the WebP Benefits and Drawbacks before you get began with conversion of image formats.

Benefits or Advantages of WebP File Format

  • Quicker loading of web pages will leads to better user experience (Positive for SEO)
  • Compatible with major browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox (see more details below on this compatibility).
  • Reduced Size will save storage spaces for larger web portal, which will lead to cost saving

Drawbacks or Disadvantages of WebP File Format

  • WebP format is designed for Web, so it might not be much useful in some type of offline work
  • Compression is reducing quality bit, but it may concern you if you need is high quality photo printing.
  • Old browser like Internet Explore are not supporting effectively.

What is Maximum Size of WebP, JPG and PNG

  • WebP – 16,383 x 16,383 pixels
  • JPG – 65,535×65,535 pixels
  • PNG – There is no size limit to a PNG — they can be 140 GB or larger, depends on hardware support to process it.

So, if your need is very high resolution image for other needs, WebP is not for that purpose as it’s support for Width and Height (Resolution) is limited as provided above.

List of WebP Features Supports by Browsers

  • WebP Lossy Support
    • Google Chrome (desktop) 17+
    • Google Chrome for Android version 25+
    • Microsoft Edge 18+
    • Firefox 65+
    • Opera 11.10+
    • Native web browser, Android 4.0+ (ICS)
  • WebP Lossy, Lossless & Alpha Support
    • Google Chrome (desktop) 23+
    • Google Chrome for Android version 25+
    • Microsoft Edge 18+
    • Firefox 65+
    • Opera 12.10+
    • Native web browser, Android 4.2+ (JB-MR1)
    • Pale Moon 26+
  • WebP Animation support
    • Google Chrome (desktop and Android) 32+
    • Microsoft Edge 18+
    • Firefox 65+
    • Opera 19+

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